Turning a Classic into an Enduring Brand


What makes Mercedes Mercedes? How is it that Chanel endures as the epitome of high fashion after more than a hundred years? Why is it that “puttin’ on The Ritz” still denotes high style, even though Ritz-Carlton hotels date back to the early 1900’s?

These brands define “classic”; and are all classics for a reason: each has been forever true to their original concept. And each brand has stayed “classic” while re-defining itself through the shifting styles of time. The 2016 Mercedes doesn’t look like the 1886 “self-propelled Motorwagen”. Though Chanel’s “Little Black Dress” is still a fashion icon, the company constantly re-invents its line of clothing, and expands on it brands with perfumes and accessories, always on the leading edge of fashion, yet always true to their classic origins. And those old Ritz-Carlton hotels may still offer old world service, but the buildings are constantly renovated, new technology keeps them state-of-the-art, and regular changes in the menus make sure the Ritz-Carlton culinary experience is always a world class dining experience.

It is called “branding”, and the best brands know it is the all-defining nature of their business.

It is nice to have a solid history. But any brand that doesn’t evolve is destined to become extinct. You can only survive on “retro” for so long. Ask Polaroid. When your name dates back to the 1800’s and your history dates back to the 1600’s who you are better be a lot more than who you were.

There is no other Wrentham in America. And there is no venue in New England quite like Lake Pearl Wrentham. Established almost a century ago as a dance hall and a summer beach park, Lake Pearl has transitioned over the years to become New England’s most unique, versatile wedding and special event venue and business center. Our rich history anchors our service standards, grounds us in tradition and inspires us as caretakers of one of the regions truly breathtaking lake estates, but the modern event facility that is Lake Pearl Wrentham today could not have been imagined by the society that danced the summer nights away in what was then The King Phillip Ballroom in the heyday of the big band era.

Taking those classic beginnings and building them into an enduring brand, Lake Pearl Wrentham offers old style gracious service, the natural beauty of a New England lake-side country estate, exceptional cuisine that artfully blends classic with modern fusion and modern amenities like free WiFi and audio visual services with technical support.

Visit us online at LakePearl.com, or call to book a tour and discover why Lake Pearl Wrentham is a must see for anyone planning a social or business event, summer outing, holiday party, or especially a wedding.