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Long before Lake Pearl became the renowned event venue it is today, our more than 25 historic acres of sprawling lakeside lawns and gardens were family-owned parkland. Named in honor of the 19th century owner’s daughter, Lake Pearl Park became a popular recreational area. Once upon a time streetcar service connected Boston to Lake Pearl. Music, a merry-go-round, ice cream made with ice cut from the lake, and the signature treat: homemade coconut cakes were simple pleasures for a simpler time.

Lake Pearl grew in popularity throughout the 20th century and continued to expand. In the 1940s, the King Philip Ballroom attracted big bands like Benny Goodman and Count Basie; even Old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra played here.

In 1998, the current owners, Mr. Joseph J. Lorusso and family, purchased the property and made many of the updates you see today. We hope that when you visit our historic property that you take a moment to walk the gardens and the beach; take in the magic that is Lake Pearl. Imagine the laughter and the music, the smell of toasted coconut and the refreshing sweetness of homemade ice cream. Steeped in history and embracing a grand future of family celebrations, wondrous weddings and community events, Lake Pearl Wrentham continues to be a great New England landmark. 

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Lake Pearl Wrentham, through direct contributions and sponsorship and through the contributions of the Lorusso family and the Lorusso family of companies supports the local community through a variety of causes.

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